Sedation Dentistry In McPherson

Sedation Dentistry In McPherson

Sedation Dentistry In McPherson

Sedation Dentistry In McPherson

patient under sedation dentistry

If you have anxiety about visiting the dentist, it can make you stressed out and tense. Some people have such an aversion to dentists that they would rather deal with a cavity or a toothache than visit the dentist’s office. However, there are ways to negate this fear and make it an easier prospect to visit a dentist, such as Dr. Brian Kynaston, Dr. Matthew Perry, or Dr. Seth Prochaska.

Sedation dentistry can make visiting the dentist much easier. It can be utilized for everything from invasive dental procedures to everyday tooth cleanings, depending on the level of anxiety the patient has. At McPherson Dental Care, we offer sedation dentistry to help you relax while receiving a dental procedure.

What Kinds of Sedation Dentistry Are Offered?

We offer two different types of dental sedation, oral sedation and inhaled minimal sedation. The option that is chosen depends on the level of anxiety of the patient and what the actual dental procedure is that you will be undergoing.

Oral sedation is a simple procedure where you will take a pill before your dental procedure. The pill consists of a medication that offers mild to moderate sedation. A pill given for minimal sedation may make you drowsy, but you will be awake throughout the procedure. If you are given a moderate dose, you may become groggy enough to fall asleep while the procedure is underway.

Inhaled sedation refers to nitrous oxide, which is sometimes called laughing gas. This gas is combined with oxygen and you breathe it in through a mask on the face. With inhaled sedation, Dr. Kynaston, Dr. Perry, or Dr. Prochaska can control how much sedation is given to you. This type of sedation is known for wearing off quickly and is the only type of sedation where you may drive home yourself after an appointment.

Who Can Have Sedation Dentistry Done?

In most cases, sedation dentistry is reserved for individuals who have anxiety or fear that prevents them from seeking dental care at McPherson Dental Care. Some of the people who may qualify for sedation dentistry include:

  • Those who have issues keeping still while in the dentist’s chair

  • Those with a low threshold for pain

  • Those with extremely sensitive teeth

  • Those with an extreme gag reflex

  • Those who require large amounts of dental work

Some children may also be provided sedation if they are afraid to visit the dentist or become uncooperative. Nitrous oxide is safe for children and nearly any dentist can administer it. Oral sedation can also be safe when the correct dose for a child’s weight and age is provided.

Overcome Your Fear of Dentistry

At McPherson Dental Care, we are always interested in providing you comfortable, safe treatment. If you believe that sedative dentistry would help you seek out dental care, you can find out more by visiting our contact page. You can also call our office with any questions at 620-306-4800.