Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery

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At McPherson Dental Care, we know that it can be difficult to find a provider that offers options for all of your dental care needs. That is why we are proud to offer oral surgery to our patients. This is a significant tool to help maintain a seamless treatment plan to improve your oral health. If you are looking for an oral surgeon or dentist, call our office today to schedule your appointment.

What is Oral Surgery?

The term “Oral Surgery” refers to a broad range of different surgical procedures that involve the mouth or jaw. Oral surgery can refer to tooth extraction, root canal, jaw repositioning, cancer removal, or dental implants. However, these procedures are performed by a dentist that specializes in surgical procedures. This includes a number of different dental practitioners, including endodontists, periodontists, and prosthodontists.

Many of our patients have discussed their difficulties with trying to find a provider that offers a full suite of dental options in the same place, but that’s what we offer at McPherson Dental Care. Providing a range of options for your entire dental care needs helps to eliminate confusion when transferring your medical file to another office, and allows a more straightforward process for our patients.

When is Oral Surgery Necessary?

There are a variety of procedures that should only be completed by an oral surgeon. These can represent issues that are more complicated than a standard procedure, or specific procedures that require an oral surgeon. Impacted wisdom teeth are one example of a procedure that should be completed as oral surgery, and certain types of gum disease should also be treated in this manner.

As a patient, we do not expect you to know when you need an oral surgeon versus a traditional dentist, so schedule your appointment today and let us work with you to identify the appropriate treatment plan.

Preparing for Oral Surgery

Oral surgeries should be treated as a serious medical procedure. This means that you should follow the guidance of your dentist to ensure the best outcome. In addition, there are a few things that you can do to help prepare for the surgery and your recovery.

  • Prepare your space – Once your surgery is complete, you probably are not going to feel like getting everything ready and resuming your typical home routine. This means that you should preplan your meals and have simple choices on hand that does not require significant preparation. You should also make sure that you have everything you need nearby and available.
  • Arrange transportation – While you may be able to drive yourself to your appointment, the use of sedation means that you cannot drive home. Make sure that you have somebody that can get you back home. It is also useful to find somebody that can stay with you for the first few hours following your recovery to make sure everything runs smoothly.
  • Prep the Bed – You will want to make sure that your bed is prepared for you to simply climb in and rest. Additionally, you may want to make sure that you can sit or lay at an incline. Adding more pillows or blankets to the bed, so they are readily available helps to reduce the amount of work you need to complete.
  • Be Wary of Changes – In the hours and days following your surgery, it is important to keep an eye on yourself and be mindful of any changes. Excessive pain or bleeding can be a sign of an issue with the surgery, and you will need to contact your dentist right away.


McPherson Dental Care has the professional and experienced staff to help take care of all your dental needs. Call today to schedule your appointment and see the difference that our office can make for you.